Yarn Love Challenge – part 2

Here’s more of my #yarnlovechallenge story. Photos below descriptions.

Day fifteen: family

This picture really captures my family in our essence. I took this from the turrets of Chepstow castle looking down on my picnicking family and dogs plus the dragon we’d come to see. It was a fun day out. We love picnics, dragons, the outdoors and our dogs so all things are included in this shot. 

I couldn’t find an existing picture with my sister and parents in. Although my family has evolved and my children and husband are my family, I very much think of my parents and siblings when I think of family. Clearly, more big family photos are needed on our next meet up.

Day sixteen: happy colour 

Well in case you can’t guess from lots of posts it’s purple and green. Love this colour combo so much I’m actually wearing purple and green! 

This is my pile of blankets and my current favourite ball of yarn. Purple and squishy = perfect.

Day seventeen: fibre friends.

Here are my drawers full of yarn. I have so many balls (make of that what you will) shoved in various drawers and boxes I couldn’t fit it in one picture. I may do an alternative picture later of all the amigurumi I’ve made my children!

And I did do an alternative photo too. Here are my children’s fibre friends.

Day eighteen: gratitude.

I am exceptionally grateful for my gorgeous husband. We have been through thick and very thin in the 14 years we’ve been together. He’s stood by my side whatever I’ve thrown at him (metaphorically and literally) and deflected most of the flying missiles. He even loves me for my crochet addiction. Plus, he cooks awesome pancakes. He’s my hero.

Day nineteen: on the go.

I’m always on the go and not always in a good way!! Here’s the star of my current Instagram feed- my daughter’s #crochethoodie! Still going and on the go too. Luckily my husband is driving.

Day twenty: handmade home.

Photo 1! I started getting out the various things which myself and others have made for our family and it took up two sofas and it’s not all of it!! So here we have blankets, scarves, cushions, coasters and candle cosies. These were either sewn (patchwork), crocheted or knitted by my mum, my sister, my aunt, a friend’s mum or myself.

Photo 2! Crocheted, knitted or sewn jumpers, hats, dressing up costumes, dresses and tank tops. Again it’s not all of it!

These are all by my mum or myself.

Day twenty-one: library.

Most of my library is probably in Ravelry or on my iPad so here’s the paper version. Doesn’t look a lot but I like these magazines for their many patterns. Plus my sewing books. 

Day twenty-two: currently wearing.

Here’s another example of my mum’s talent at knitting. I love these cosy knits she makes me, it makes me feel like my mum is giving me a hug. I always turn to the green cardigan if I need some comfort as well as warmth. I’m cold today so it’s the tank top too!

Day twenty-three: throwback.

So here it is. Included in this picture are many things I made early on: (from upper left to right) crochet rose, scarf, basket, blanket, shawl, headscarf, wedding present throw, and a bag.

Day twenty-four: favourite tip.

I’ve no idea where my photo for this went or if it was one of those things I thought about but didn’t do! 

My personal favourite tip is to not be afraid to frog or undo the your stitches and correct mistakes. But my favourite tip from another was a video of a lady drinking wine saying white is better than red when crafting!

Day twenty-five: routine.

Like many mums my routine rotates around the kids. I get up before I want to and commence the morning school run ritual. After the big kids are dropped off it’s either a playgroup for me and the little one or me working from home. When my toddler is asleep I get out the crochet. I’ve tried doing this with her awake but she either tries to help, eats my hooks or plays with my yarn! Maybe she thinks I’m doing it wrong. After that it’s a dog walk, school pickup and then various after school clubs/lessons which I juggle with my gorgeous hubby. Then feeding time at the zoo before pouring the kids into bed.

Finally I get in my pjs, grab my crochet basket, light the candles and get some chocolate and sit on the sofa for as long as I can stay awake. It’s more hook and yarn than rock and roll but I like it.

Day twenty-six: newest stash.

Here it is: some gorgeous, sparkly red stuff that was less than £2 each (on sale!). It’s easy to work, bigger than the DK it states so great for a current project and is sparkly!!

What more could you want?

Day twenty-seven: blocking.

I’m hiding in the photo because I don’t block unless I have to and I know I should do it more. No point trying to change me though. I’m lazy and if I like the finished effect I’ll not block. Plus I don’t think it makes that much difference. I know some swear by it and maybe it’s because I don’t do squares a lot or maybe I’m not doing it right! Anyhow I shall continue to hide for now.

Day twenty-eight: favourite thing I’ve made.

I’ll be honest I couldn’t choose, so I’ve chosen three!

This is the first: a Toothless costume for my son. This was over two years ago and he still wears it! I’m so proud of this and have even made a couple for others off the back of this first one. I know it’s not yarn related but it’s one of my favourite things!

I made this shawl for a wedding and it’s one of the few things I’ve actually made for myself and seen through to completion!

My pumpkin (technically it is my daughter’s). It was a little project I didn’t really think of and when I not only made it really well but photographed it well too I was chuffed. It is now immortalised as my little logo and I love it. It sits on my piano at home.

I’ve really enjoyed this yarn love challenge. Now there’s a new one for March. I’m gettting back to Instagram for my #yarnlovechallenge fix.