Sometimes life is easy,

Sometimes life is hard.

Sometimes you feel empty and lonely,

Sometimes you feel so unbelievably loved.

Sometimes life can get in the way of spending time with the ones you love.

Sometime you feel close to everyone,

Sometimes loves ones are so far.

Sometimes the faces you love can make you sad,

Sometimes the faces you love are the only ones who make you smile.

Sometimes pain can envelop you,

Sometimes you can walk carefree.

Some days you can walk amongst the daisies, other days in the snow.

Sometimes it’s all too much,

Sometimes the wine helps.

Sometimes someone says you have courage and it takes you a while to believe that it’s true.

Sometimes you don’t stop to appreciate the view.

Sometimes no one can help you but you.

But most days it’s mostly ok. People express love, are fed and happy, are proud of each other and hugs abound.

Sometimes life is beautiful, not exciting perhaps, but beautiful and sometimes it’s just beautiful to you.