Something for me!

It’s a miracle: I’ve managed to make myself something, a whole garment in fact. It did take a total of 3 years from start to finish because it was always someone’s birthday, or Christmas or I had a commission to work on. But finally, after a few wrong turns it is no longer 4 bits of crocheted fabric, it is a jumper. I’m actually wearing it now and love it.

It started life as a few balls of chunky marble yarn. I love this yarn as it has a subtle colour change effect. I’ve no idea why now but I went with a multi-coloured effect. In all honesty I probably ran out of one colour and had another in my stash. I got the pattern from an issue of Inside Crochet magazine and it’s called Jessica Sweater from issue 52. I made it in a bigger size as I am a bigger size and wanted a chunky jumper.

As you can see from the picture above I had to completely redo both the arms. It’s been a faff, picking it up randomly after a few months. After one long gap I ended up using the wrong hook size! Since then I wrote things down.

After a really long gap it was moving that reminded me of this project. I finished Merida’s mermaid tail and thought: “I want to do something for me!” so out this came from the cupboard with that interesting musty smell!

As you can see I used an interesting blocking technique! An ironing board with pins and headphones when the board was too narrow! One arm seemed tighter than the other hence the blocking. Perhaps my tension has tightened overtime? Or perhaps I was 0.5mm out on the hook size? It’s more likely to be the former because blocking sorted it out.

Can you see how happy I am? I made a something for me! And it wasn’t something I needed like slippers or something specific for a wedding. It was something that took a while and that I love and will wear loads.

It’s my reward to me for being so giving with my crochet over the last 3 years. I love the long sleeves. They’re too long really but I adore long sleeves. I’m forever pulling sleeves down over my hands for comfort. They are completely impractical and I have to roll them up for anything regarding water or food and of course I’ve caught on a few door handles over the week since I’ve been wearing it but nothing’s been damaged.

What do you think of the contrasting colours? I’m really pleased but it must been worn with plain trousers or my eyes hurt!

Look how pleased I am with my final result. Well done me and here’s to a positive post about happy crocheting times.

Last week was a real achievement-filled week. I made something else for me too but more on that next time.

Bye from a happy Josie. Xxx