Cosy slippers

Slippers and ill health

Well it’s been a couple of weeks my lovelies and it’s all been happening! There’s been yarn shortages for Christmas projects and colds and jumpers for dogs and slippers for me and more. It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Firstly the grownups have been suffering with illness. Luckily we took it in turns so at least one of us could feed the dependents and walk the dogs. Also, for me, this means lots of time to crochet. So I’ve been busy starting on Christmas and birthday presents, making the dog a jumper and starting him a coat (more in another post) and making me some slippers.

He's nice and cosy

He’s nice and cosy

He wasn’t sure about the jumper at first as I’m sure he wondered what I was doing to him. But now he actually comes and asks for it to be put on and runs at us when we hold it up for him! It’s nice to have my work appreciated.


What else has been occurring I hear you ask? Well….yarn! I’ve been ordering lots of yarn for Christmas presents and it’s been driving me slightly crazy. I’ve had real trouble trying to get hold of Bernat Blanket Yarn. I’m trying to make some octopi for 5 kids for Christmas and I’ve had to wait for loads of yarn to be shipped from America. At least got what I wanted in the end…I think. They may have to have multi-coloured legs but we’ll see.

My biggest breakthrough was my slipper triumph. I’ve been making myself a pair of slippers for about a year. Now when these slipper boots are finished they will be awesome but they are my first foray into cables. I’m getting there but I have to think and my feet were getting cold. So I turned to my Big Hook Crochet book. I found the answer!! Within an evening I’d run myself up some slippers. Don’t get me wrong it’s wasn’t all smooth going.

Cosy slippers

Cosy slippers

So first of all there was a yarn shortage. What is it with me and yarn shortages?! Anyway one day I was passing by a bargain store and popped in for something completely different. What did I see? This lovely fluffy super-duper chunky yarn. At first I thought it would be a good addition to my octopi stock but then I decided to use it for these slippers. However, even with this simple big hook pattern from theĀ  Big Hook Patterns book I still ran out of yarn! Eventually I decided (as I’d used bigger yarn than need for the top half) to stop the pattern one round early and use the ribbon to tighten them.

Now as you can see the bottom of the slippers were nice and smooth….a little too smooth for my tiled floor so I decided this was a good opportunity top use the Sock Stop glue that my German friend had recommended for such things. You apply the wet glue in whatever pattern you like (I went for spots) and leave it overnight to dry. It’s really simple although I had to be careful of the gaps produced by the big hook crochet. It works a treat and my feet are cosy and comfy and don’t slip either!

I was also pleased to find a nice blue ribbon that went with them really well to finish them off. They are lovely and cosy but not too hot. I’m not sure the super-duper chunky fluffy yarn will last terribly long for a slipper but I just need enough time to finish my other ones.

Right, I’m off to finish an octopus leg whilst watching Blue Planet 2.

Take care crochet chums.

Josie. Xxx