Honey and cabbage risotto

Since I discovered Jamie Oliver’s risotto recipe I adore this dish. It is so flexible and the main tip Jamie gives is to make the base roughly the same every time. Now me being me I don’t do that! I use his method but not necessarily his ingredients.

Here’s what Jamie does.

For this interesting dish I made the base with what I had in the fridge (I hadn’t got around to restocking our depleted veg selection so I had to go with what we had). I resorted to onion, red cabbage (which turned the rice a gorgeous purple colour), mushrooms and baby sweet corn, with some shredded spring greens to come later. Slightly different to Jamie’s I know.

So I made the base per his instructions (in short: lightly fry the veg then add the rice and then the wine and finally the stock one ladleful at a time until dissolved)
I was determined to be careful and patient ladling in the stock over the rice so it doesn’t stick and waiting for it to become absorbed until you add the next bit.

Now here is where my crazy inventiveness comes in to play. We had some fermented honey (not by intent it was passed on to us by my dad as it could be used in cooking but not eaten raw). I added a dollop (yes, it’s a technical measurement) into the last ladleful of stock and proceeded as before. At this point I added my spring greens as they need little cooking.


It worked! What a pleasant surprise. We then played “guess the secret ingredient” over dinner and it went down a treat. I think I’ll make it again but what to put in this time?