Hats for the three little kids 

So I can’t show much of my Christmas makes just yet but I can show you some of the kids stuff.

First is the Polka Dot Dog hat for my baby. This was one of the first presents I started for this year’s Christmas haul. It’s a really good detailed pattern. I had to alter it slightly as the yarn I had was double knit and not aran (or worsted as detailed). But it was enjoyable to make and the instructions were lovely and clear.

I love how detailed the pattern is. Sometimes I feel patterns assume you know a lot about crochet. Whilst I’ve been crocheting a while I haven’t made many hats for babies so it was good to have lots of pictures, which I like to refer to. 

The best part was that Rose is young enough I can sneakily try it on her head without her realising what I’m doing!

The little touches really make this hat for me. Well they make all the hats to be honest, otherwise they’d just be beanie hats! But I love how easy the details were to make and set in the right places for the dog.

For Merida I made a cat hat.

I basically made up the  beanie pattern inspired from various patterns I have.  The ears were from an Inside Crochet magazine pattern. I took them from a pattern for a Hallowe’en cat hair band. They are easy to do and stand up by themselves so work well for my purpose.

It took a while to do the embroidery but I’m really pleased with it. It took several attempts to do the eyes but I finally managed the right colour and feel. The colour of he eyes was tricky. At first I made them too bright and they looked scary but I toned them down a lot and the khaki green really works I think. I added a feminine touch with some eye lashes and an extra flash of pink. 

Merida asked for a cat hat and I hope she likes what I’ve created for her.

This one is the biggest secret. Finn thinks I’m making him another, bigger Toothless hat but he was so into Pokemon I had to change my plans to this:

I found a free pattern on Ravelry here. I have to say I didn’t get on with the beanie part of the pattern. I don’t know why, it just didn’t work out for me so I resorted to my (or what has become my) standard beanie pattern. I had to slightly guess Finn’s measurementswhich I confirmed by trying the hat on him in his sleep! It was strange but sneaky fun.

The eyes were also a little odd. I followed the pattern exactly but mine ended up looking very freaky as her whites were too big. So I used the pattern more as a guide in the end. A helpful guide for the ears etc but just confusing for other parts.

I ended up resorting to googling pictures of Pikachu to make sure I got the face right as I lost confidence with the pattern. But it gave me ideas of how to proceed so it wasn’t all bad.

Having said that I am pleased with how it’s turned out and glad that I have enough knowledge to ad lib where I need to with all these hats.

Hopefully the kids will be chuffed on Christmas Day. Fingers crossed.

Now back to my secret projects. Shhhhhh!