Duvet upcycling 

Since the kids have gone back to school life has ramped  up to craziness. I know that sentence doesn’t quite make sense but I’m tired and wanted to write a blog post about how wonderful I am. (Now there’s a statement of self-confidence if ever there was one).

I’ve been neglecting my lovely crochet and prioritising singing. I was asked to be a soloist in a concert (ok so I was asked by my dad but the local paper gave me a good review), I had a gig with my a cappella group and I was in a play (in which I did more singing than had lines ironically, but it was super fun). All of it was great to get the creative juices flowing and the vocal chords warbling. 

Here I am doing my thing 

But now I’m back to crafting and starting with a little upcycling (I’m still unsure about that word). Basically I wanted to clear a few things out of my house. My son’s duvet got trashed by going through the eash, despite carefully followed washing instructions. The outside covering shrank and the stuffing was consequently full of lumps and bumps which were impossible to smooth.

The neglected duvet sat on the floor of the kids room taunting me for weeks. Every time I walked past it whispered: “I’m still here, ya know.” Finally I had enough time to get out my fabric shears and rip that covering open. Oh, what fun that was!! But this wasn’t senseless duvet murder, oh no, this was for a reason. My mum made the kids this lovely rainbow cushion years ago. As you can see it’s a little sad and flat and in need of a good restuffing.

So it was with great glee that I tore open that duvet and ripped out its insides. It was very therapeutic. You know when there are many things in your house that end up getting neglected for weeks, sometimes years at a time and they watch you as you move round a room? That’s how this project has been for me. It was a such a relief to get to grips with it and it only took a few minutes to complete!

As you can see by the photos I enjoyed the ripping apart part.

I then took the cover off the cushion, opened the actual cushion and stuffed the duvet stuffing inside it. I was very lazy and only teased the stuffing apart so I’m sure it won’t stay lovely an fluffy for long but it’s lovely and fluffy now!

It’s struck me several times during the process that the stuffing looked like intestines! The kids helped with the ripping and stuffing too. A lot of anger therapy took place that morning, I can tell you.

 After stuffing there was sewing.


And after sewing there were pancakes. Yum! There isn’t a picture of those as we ate them so quickly.
And here’s the fluffy cushion (with fancy ‘Ta dah!’ filter for effect)

Plus my remarkably neat sewing. I’m rubbish at hand-sewing so was justly proud of this.

And what’s left of the duvet

I’m pleased I got around to this and the duvet isn’t whispering anymore I can tell you, although there was an odd squeak as the kids tested the new fluffy cushion!