Waiting for their new owners

Driving Miss Octopus

Well hello and a Happy New year to you all. I had wanted to write this post a few days ago but I’ve had difficulty getting going since we’ve been back home in France. We are all still recovering from the long drive through France…well, the long drive both ways and driving lots when back in the U.K. All-in-all we drove over 2,500 miles! Sheesh no wonder we were tired. Since we’ve returned the big kids have started a new school and it’s been Merida’s birthday. All have gone fantastically well but it has meant that Frank and I haven’t stopped long enough to recover yet. But that is what this coming weekend is for.

Playing in the waves

Playing in the waves

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year and managed to see everyone we had planned to and we even sneaked in a bit of relaxation time in front of my parent’s fire, next to their gorgeous Christmas tree. Not much relaxation time but what we got was quality time. We even managed a dog walk on the beach. It was a bit windy and the tide turned emotionally after Finn managed to fall over in the waves and got soaking wet. But that was nearly at the end of the walk and we managed to drag all frayed tempers back to the car and sort them out. The dogs had a wonderful time. I can’t remember the last them we took them to the beach. They didn’t stop running or playing in the waves and had a great time.

img_6480I even managed to finish the Giant Squishy Octopus I mentioned before in my Yarntales! post. I did have help. My sister pitched in as she knew I was bringing them unstuffed in order to save room in the car so she helped me crochet legs together and stuff and sew legs on. We had a good production line going!

img_6474We eventually finished them on Christmas day! I decided not to wrap them but put a label on each octopus naming img_6475the designated receiver and presented them on the bed of my parent’s bedroom (which is where we’d hidden to finish them). I must apologise for the bad quality of the photographs. I was bit rushed when I took these photos but wanted to have a record of them. The black octopus looks a little odd because I had to give it white eyes as the black ones didn’t show very well.

I’m pleased to say that the kids loved them! I was worried that they had been overwhelmed by presents and were tired as it was the end of the day but they were so excited that they all rushed around to find their names and claim their octopus. I was really pleased to see that reaction and luckily no one questioned my choice of colour for them. In fact they all loved them so much they took them to the living room and all sat on them to resume watching the Christmas episode of something on TV.

Waiting for their new owners

Waiting for their new owners


The kids quickly discovered that their new octopi were good seats

I’ve just noticed that our dog is looking very camera-shy in the photo above. Can you spot her?

The main challenge the octopi presented was getting them in the car to take home when we were full to the rafters. Luckily the kids used them as pillows which I was a little jealous of at 3am somewhere halfway down France!

So all-in-all we had a very successful Christmas and New Year. We now need another holiday to recover but the French tradtion of the Galette des rois is filling us with enough calories to see us through!

img_6478Have a good week folks. See you soon.