Crochet untouched and lives in boxes 

It’s the hard part of moving – packing up your life and throwing stuff out. Some stuff is easy to sort and part with, credit card bills for example, I’ve never had trouble letting go of those! Other things are really difficult. Do I keep all the kids school work? Will they hate me because I threw some stuff out? My eldest loved looking through her learning book for reception year. Did I I make a mistake? Or should I look at this as a chance to let things go? Clear things out and clear my mind, right?

I made a rule when we started the clearing out: if it’s either covered in dust or you’ve forgotten you have it or it’s broken it goes. Now I’ve donated stuff, lots of stuff, and recycled like crazy (our paper recycling could make several new books) I’ve even donated some old bras! Little aside for a moment: I found, via a link on Facebook, a U.K. charity that recycles bras for women in Africa. Follow the link here, a very worthy charity and easy to donate to.

It feels good to clear out but I worry about the kids. I’m asking them to let things go they have loved to play with. I’ve never forced their hand and they’ve made their own decisions. They’ve only donated or thrown away things they know fit the rule I made. But we’ve had tears, all of us. Tears over swimming trunks, balloons, soft toys and sometimes I don’t know why they’re crying. But it’s hard, very hard. It’s the truly shitty bit of moving house. Crochet is left untouched for days on end, boxes are filling up, paperwork is being thrown out and shelves are becoming empty.

But after all that, the hard graft of the sorting and cleaning it’s nearly time, nearly time to leave or beloved Bristol and move on. After a brief stopover at my folks whilst we wait for our ferry we are off to our new life. In amidst the difficult things the excitement is starting to come back. I keep reminding the kids that we’ll all be reunited with our stuff in our new house. Our new house, our new life and our new country. The tears are worth it and everything will fall into place.

Keep this in mind (I say to myself at the hardest times) it will all be worth it. 

See you when I next get a minute,