Crochet candle jar covers

I’m a bit in love with my new crochet covers for some small candle jars I have. Here they are. Aren’t they lovely burning bright with the large pillar candle in the middle. 

I love candles. The only thing I love more on a drizzly winter’s day is a log fire. But in our house the chimney isn’t connected so that wouldn’t be a good idea. Since we’ve lived here I’ve adapted the fire place to become a candle haven. As you can see form the picture below the wax happily drips on to the tiles  below and is occasionally removed to make way for new hot wax!

The other day I decided more candle were needed. I have loads of jars in the cupboard from candles I’ve bought over the years (mainly from Ikea). The jars I used are 5cms diameter at the bottom and 7.5cms diameter at the top, being 7cms tall. They are perfect for night lights.

I used two different stitches for each jar. These are so lovely and quick you could make tons if you wanted. I used double knit wool and a 5mm hook for this effect.

So firstly the Aztec-like one here:

So I chained 30 stitches to start and joined with a slip stitch. Then I chained 5, skipped over 2 ch and double crocheted (dc  uk) into the next chain and repeated all the way around. At the end I simply double crocheted into the first chain space.

Next round I ch 4 then a dc  into each ch space all around. Again I simply double crocheted into the first chain space of that row.

I repeated the above but with a crucial difference of 3 ch instead of 4.

Do  you’ve reached the required height and then slip stitch into first dc of last round. And fasten off and sew in ends.

Ta dah! One cover complete.

Next is my favourite: a V-stitch cover.

As before I chained 30 stitches to start and joined with a slip stitch. Then ch 4 (counts as one treble and I ch) and treble (tr uk) crochet into first ch. Then skip 2ch and 1tr, 1ch, 1tr into next stitch. Repeat until end of round.

Simple do that again and again and again until the cover is your required size, then slip stitch and fasten off and sew in ends.

I think that’s what I like about them so much. They are so simple and so pretty. I think I shall make them in a variety of colours to suit my mood.