A few projects I've made from The Crochet Bible

The Crochet Bible by Sue Whiting


I’m going to get straight to the point –  I love this book. It was given to me for Christmas 2013 by the same sister who gave me the crochet bug, I think because she saw how I was struggling with making my own patterns and thought I needed a little guidance. How right she was!

Sue Whiting has set out the book beautifully. The diagrams are clear and the photographs of finished projects help immensely. This book taught me how to read patterns and symbols, use the right yarn for the right project and have faith in my ability.

Whiting starts of by explaining the very basics of the crochet craft: hook size, the different yarns available, basic techniques and stitches. From page 15 she inspires the reader to make a cardigan using simple stitches which I initially thought was mad, but having read further I understand why as she has simply given you what you need from the off.

The diagrams are used to great effect, taking you step-by-step through everything from double crochet to bobbles and puff stitches. In every section there is a ‘Make this now!’ corner to inspire the budding crocheter into the realm of projects.

The projects themselves are varied from simple beginners to more advanced. Every stitch is explained well and if not detailed in the pattern the explanation can be found in other areas of the book. If I have one criticism it is this: sometimes it was a little tricky finding that much needed detailed description of a particular stitch. For a newbie, not knowing the different names of stitches left me frantically searching pages for the help I needed. It is all in there though. You just have to know where to look.

A few projects I've made from The Crochet Bible

A few projects I’ve made from The Crochet Bible

One of the first projects from the Crochet Bible I tried was the rose corsage which quickly became one of my favourite projects to make. I couldn’t believe that a beginner like myself could easily make something so pretty! The project I am most proud of from this book has to be the heirloom bedspread (pictured below). I did make one alteration to the pattern and that was to switch from a 4 ply yarn to a super chunky. This was simply a matter of time as it was for a wedding present and I have to give credit to my husband for this genius idea. It worked out well and actually suited the couple in question better I think. (A more detailed report on this project at a later date)

This is my go-to reference book now. If I’m confused by a pattern I see elsewhere I check my bible and it sees me right.


The Heirloom Bedspread

The Heirloom Bedspread