Christmas makes – Marvel and Shield logos

This year I went a bit crazy but I’m really proud of the fact I made so many Christmas presents. The picture below is a selection.

So there’s three adult hats, three kids hats, one pair of gloves and an ear warmer. Add to it another hat for my dad, a pair of slipper boots, a toothless hat, a chunky cowl, a Shield logo cushion, another child’s hat, and a partridge in a pear tree. (Not really but it felt appropriate).

Today it’s the Marvel hat and Shield logo cushion I want to show off about….I mean discuss!

I found this awesome website whilst looking for patterns. It’s called The Happy Hooker. Basically the lady’s who runs it (Jess) does tapestry crochet and puts up tons of free patterns, most of which have pictures showing you the finished projects. Some are really stunning. I was searching for a Marvel logo for Frank’s hat and found one here. I like following chart patterns like this as they are so simple and you can really see what you’re doing, although you do have to count correctly otherwise it all goes wrong!

I altered it slightly so it was more rectangular. I made a simple beanie hat using my own pattern which I’ve developed over time and trial and error and simply sewed it on!

To my surprise it sat in place really nicely and followed the curve of the hat. I had worried that where the hat curves towards the top the logo wouldn’t mould into shape but I needn’t have worried. I was really chuffed how well it worked. And to make sure it fit I got Frank to try on another hat by saying I wanted to look at him, all the while cunningly plotting his own hat. I’m sure he had no idea (she said very sarcastically).

Next is this Shield Logo cushion.

Now I’ll admit this wasn’t made in time! In fact even with all my planning I still didn’t get everything done that I wanted to. I actually made this in the presence of my brother-in-law (whom it was for) whilst trying to hide it!!! Originally I had wanted the Avengers logo on the other side but one was against me.
This pattern I found here. I’ll be honest I’m not sure if it was a crochet pattern or an embroidery pattern or something else! I simply downloaded it and used it as a tapestry crochet pattern. It worked really well for a cushion and felt simple to make an otherwise complicated shape.

I then took some wool and nicked 5 buttons from my mum with her permission (we were staying at her house) to finish the back.

This I did in a simple triple stitch square. I had intended to use the black as it’s a more practical colour than the white but I didn’t have enough and nor did my local wool supplier (mum). Then I ran out of the white I had decided to use so swapped to grey (my mum’s supply had this!) and turned it sideways when I sewed it together so it looked intentional!

It worked to my surprise and relief so I didn’t have to post a cushion!!! I think my brother-in-law liked it too, which always makes it worthwhile.

So that’s that for today. I shall show off, I mean share, some more of my Christmas makes another day.