Change is gonna come

That sentence always gets that old song in my head “I was born by a river, in a little tent. And just like that river, I’ve been running everywhere since”.  Sounds like me on a Wednesday! Seriously now our family is in need of a change. That niggling feeling has been following us around for sometime and finally we have given in. Change is definitely in the air. I’m sure some would say adding another child to a family would be change enough but sometimes the change is geographical even if it’s just a couple of streets.

We currently are looking at two choices regarding housing and location and I’m not at liberty to disclose either but I can tell you it feels good. Just planning to move, even if we stay put for a few months whilst we iron out the kinks, feels good. You’d think that the uncertainty would drive us mad but at the moment it’s quite nice because it’s new. It’s excited uncertainty, surrounded by the comfort of familiar things. An uncertainty we can relax and plan in because the worry doesn’t matter yet, that’s the Christmas yet to come.

And in amongst it all is the routine of familiarity. The drudgery of the school run, the muddy dog walks, making sure the kids are educated, entertained, fed and watered. That they get to their ballet or swimming or piano lessons. That my husband gets enough rest to finally get over his cold. I’m not complaining. This is the life I’ve chosen, I just think sometimes honesty is the best policy and real life can be boring and a drudgery even if we enjoy it in hindsight. Because most evenings I get to sit down with my husband and crochet in front of the T.V. with the candles burning.

In amongst this all I get my little moments here and there. I’ve not sat down for the last couple of days but that’s because it was my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to make sure she was happy and had a great day. I’m pleased to report that all my hard work payed off and Merida had a brilliant day and that is bigger reward for me than getting five minutes with my bum in a chair. As I watch my amazing girl grow up I see her become her own person. She bought this scarf the other day and has worn it every day since.

One little thing I love to do on my children’s birthdays is give them a kiss at the time they were born. I sneak into their rooms when they’re asleep (as they were all born a times sensible children should be asleep) and give them a kiss and tell them how wonderful they are and how much we love them. This is one thing I hope will never change, I know it will for them when they move on and move out but it will never change for me.

I didn’t finish Merida’s birthday present in time but I showed it to her and she liked it. I hope she loves it by the time I’m finished. Best get on with it I suppose.
In the meantime I’ll keep humming that old tune “do do do be doo”