About us

Welcome to my world, to Frank and Josie’s house. Come in and I’ll put the kettle on and tell you all about how I got here, how I came to the point in my life I wanted to write a blog.

Well I’ve always liked the idea of writing, even tried it a few times but I always got distracted by life so I thought I’d write about just that, my life. But this blog was mainly kicked off by crochet. In the summer of 2013 I was innocently drinking tea in my sister’s house when she says to me “Here, try this.” Next thing I know I have a crochet hook and wool in my hands and she’s teaching me how to make a mobile phone case. Eighteen months later and I started this site and now have an online shop. Crochet has enveloped my life in a very good and cosy manner.

I also love sewing, singing and drama but it’s not often they all combine. Having said that during 2014 I did manage to crochet on stage during two productions! I also enjoy inventing various things. By this I don’t mean robots or fuel-free cars I mean jam and fruit flavoured gin- I mean inventing in the old-fashioned kitchen sense. I don’t feel you can really be passionate about just one thing in life so I explore many aspects of our world. This is where the ‘in the kitchen’ and ‘Frank and Josie’s House’ part of the blog fit in, it’s our world.
Our world starts in my house. I live with my glorious husband, Frank (did you guess?) and we live with our three magnificent kids: Merida, Finn and Rose plus our two lovely dogs.

I try to cover the entire house in crochet projects (finished or no) whilst Frank retaliates by finding space on most walls for his guitars. The kids join in with their felt-tip based artworks.

Our house is comfy, cosy, noisy, loaded with jam and jellies of various types and most importantly, full of fun.

Fancy another cuppa?